Imagine Being on the Other Side…

Just the other day I had a lot of fun writing this blog that talked about being able to see through Jesus’ eyes. 

I was completely in the zone. It felt so good, dancing with such an idea.

Now I’m asking you to dabble on the other side of that coin. For a moment, or how ever long you can hold it, let’s imagine what it would be like to be on the receiving end.

What in the world are you talking about, Molly?

To be seen by Jesus. And I mean truly seen.

Oh man.

I’m asking you to walk around with this marvelous idea— just play with it.

How would you feel when you realized Jesus had his sights on you? And only YOU!

OMG . . . If ever that acronym earned it’s stripes, it is right now . . .

Practically indescribable. Takes your breath away, right?

Here’s what I envision:

All the nonsense slips away. Instantly.

I play. My troubles and worries take a knee.

Happy is my soul.

Peace is the norm.

Love is all I know.

because Love is who I am.

Forgiveness, if there were even a need, runs rampant.

Oh man.

Can you even fathom such a feeling?

It’s almost too much. Almost!

Fact is, Jesus always has His sights on you.

Showering each of us with His divine love.

The real question is:

are you open to receive it?


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