Seriously, September!

Time to put your fancy pants on and hit the books! Right?

For those of us not in school anymore, September seems to give us a chance to slow down and feel the always changing rhythm of our worlds.

After a crazy, delicious summer, it seems like as good a time as any to get back into the groove.

The thing that gets me, of all the months:

why so serious, September?

September is more closely associated with buckling down or tightening the ropes than anything else. I don’t necessarily mind the buckling or tightening but, golly, transition much?

So I wanted to take a minute and at least offer up some fun and not-so-serious things about September:

  • With fall sports in full swing, my local high school cheers echo through our small town, it’s hard not to be enchanted. WOOHOO- Go Mariners!
  • That reading list is beckoning me. Good books call out to me all the time, but there’s something about snuggling up on a hammock in the fall that just gets me.
  • My Sundays are now spoken for. As a Ravens season ticket holder for life, this time of year ushers in tailgating with some of our coolest and most awesome friends, not to mention a whole lot of yelling and game planning.
  • As a professed pyromaniac, the cooler nights long for an open flame- I’m on it! Smores anyone?
  • Speaking of rhythms, its amazing to watch the trees change and the leaves whisk whimsically away. I strongly encourage you to sit for the sole purpose of breathing and just watching leaves fall. There can be majesty in their flight and lessons in the calm.


Seriously, September? You came out in a fury in 2017. A big, walloping fury. Hurricanes Irma and Harvey have carved out a sliver of history.

The only upside of that has been witnessing neighbors helping neighbors and people standing together to assist one another. The so-called divide we felt in this country has melted away. If only for the time being.

So I’m going to clutch onto that thought and feeling. Oh, the humanity! Seriously, September, thank you for bringing us all back to our humanity.

Finally, I want to offer up a prayer to Jesus.

Jesus: Thank you for giving strength and courage to those who have lost everything because of the storms. We know that they have not really lost everything but they suffer nonetheless. Because they still have you, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, please show them the way back to peace and harmony. Breathe hope and faith into their weary hearts.

Please continue to guide us all to help one another and realize we are not alone. We are one in you! Open the hearts and minds of those who have been given much, so that they may shine your light. Open the hearts and minds of our leaders in this country and the world so that they will choose love. Always love.

Also Jesus, if it’s not too much to ask, can you please help the Ravens beat Pittsburg and New England this season! I won’t ask for another SuperBowl ring at this point, unless it be your will, Jesus.

In your name I pray. Amen.


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