Speaking Hope When Hard

We look around, need not see too deep, Holy hell.

What in the world is going on?

Humanity, it seems, is on a mission.

A pretty nasty one, with no signs of slowing.

Not just political, that is only a mirror.

That is the world inside of us. A reflection.

In a world filled with big problems. . . it starts from within.

AND is whole lot to take in.

Sometimes, FOR ME, I have to fight to see the beauty;

work to see the good and battle to want for more.

Whether an hour or six days,

Hope is always there, bubbling up to the surface, whispering.

I am here. Let it go. I’ve got it. I am here.

Open up and just start small. Within you.


Right now…





Love comes through.

It always does and always will.

Put it on your to-do list. We need all the love we can get.

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