Celebrating Women and Sports

Last night, women and sports were celebrated and for the first time, the annual Women’s Sports Foundation (WSF) gala was live-streamed. So if you were like me and couldn’t make the trip to New York, you could still watch!

The event, the 38th Annual Salute to Women in Sports, was quite a thrill. There were so many powerful and talented athletes in one room, it was just incredible. To see so many inspiring women out of uniform and in plain clothes was jaw-dropping, they are all just as beautiful as they are determined.

Because I felt like I was winning by being able to watch live, I would like to honor the show and this special night by keeping up with their tradition. Each award recipient had to name three “athletic” things they do while away from their sport, so I will play along.  I will post my three things at the end of this.

First, here are some things I learned:

  • Condoleezza Rice, who received the Billie Jean King Leadership Award, is more than a PhD and politician. She is also the first female member of the College Football Playoff selection committee. I didn’t even know she was a fan of football!
  • The 2017 US Women’s National Hockey Team received the Wilma Rudolph Courage Award for demanding equal pay for play and threatened to boycott the world championships on home ice in Michigan this past April. USA Hockey agreed to some of their demands and the team went on to win its fourth consecutive world title and the seventh in eight tries— talk about world domination!
  • Chevrolet joined forces with WSF this year. I’m proud to be in a Chevy family.
  • Katie Ledecky and Maya Moore were both honored for the coveted Sportswomen of the Year award. Ledecky won the individual honor for making such a magnificent splash in the past summer Olympics while Moore won the team honor for her starring role with the WNBA champs Minnesota Lynx. So much passion for their respective games and love for their fans!
  • I thoroughly enjoyed watching. I have to be honest, I was drooling the entire show. So many athletes that I want to include in G3 and tell their story. Many of them all in one place.
  • G3’s own Elana Meyers Taylor was in the house. The world champion bobsledder was glowing, as usual!
  • Here is a thought for ESPN: get in this game. You have one job. One! You are the worldwide leader in sports so be like Nike and JUST DO IT. You absolutely should be broadcasting this event! Do it for my sweet and fearless granddaughter, Ellie, and the next generation of female athletes.

Oh, what a night! Now, as promised, my three (pseudo) athletic things that I do while away from my writing (because that is my job and really, I have no sport, only passion for sport):

  1. Kayaking- like meditation on the water
  2. Paintball- get all my aggressions out
  3. Hiking- with my dog and hubby is usually the best

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