We were on our way to the Buffalo airport to fly back home Sunday when I came across this license plate:



I grabbed my phone and immediately snapped a photo.

If you know me at all or follow this blog, then you know I don’t believe in coincidences and I pretty much take any license plate as a DM (direct message).

Time for me to do some serious soul searching.

I would be lying if I told you that I didn’t enjoy checking out occasionally and going numb. Even the most “woke” have to check out from time to time. That’s normal.

But there’s a difference between going numb to recharge and staying numb to avoid something hard.

You know exactly what I mean. Its one thing to watch a movie when you have time to escape the drain but its another to binge-watch six seasons of your favorite show you’ve seen a million times instead of working on the paper that’s due Monday. But I digress.

So after awhile and when the time was right, I had to ask: Am I going numb?

Where? Why? What is going on?

Honestly, these were not hard questions and the answers came in an instant. I knew. It was in my professional life, I had been avoiding a certain project because things got hard and I got comfortable. Comfortable shrinking.


The next steps are big.

Am I afraid? Yes.

Am I ready? Yes.

These other questions started to get trickier. Digging deeper has a tendency to do that.

 Can I be ready and afraid? Yes. They aren’t mutually exclusive.

In fact, fear has actually made me better. It has stretched me in ways that have grown my faith and courage and set me on this path. I want more of that.

But what am I afraid of?

The unknown. Uncertainty.

The questions rattle around and can change from day to day. So I give it to God. Over and over again. That is what faith demands and this is when hope steps in.

Then I got this beautiful message from Facebook as further reminding:


Puts things in perspective right?

So maybe you aren’t seeing that exact Range Rover posing this profound question, but since you are here, you can take this blog as a direct message: R U NUMB?

Time to do some serious soul searching.

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