Always #Giving Tuesday

I am madly in love with the fact that we have #GivingTuesday now and today is that glorious day!

How wonderful it is to take the focus off what we can get and put it on what we can give. Truly giving with a whole heart is a gift unto itself. So I am proposing that #GivingTuesday not just be a movement for a day but a movement for our time. Something that we can all strive for.

Here are some simple ways to incorporate this into our lives on a regular basis:

  • The new girl at your school need a friend? Talk to her. Make her feel welcome, invite her over for a study sesh together.
  • You know that older gentleman who lives down the street who just lost his wife? Make him a homemade card and stick it in his mailbox. It can be anonymous (or not).
  • Be the polar opposite of a bully. Be the welcoming committee for all the supposed “outcasts”- just like Jesus.
  • Go out of your way to compliment your teachers/friends/family- not sappy comps’ either. Be original and sincere.
  • Be ultra conservative (and conscious) with what you put out in the universe. Do your best to speak with only love and pure intentions.
  • Be conscientious of your time with God. Meditate more on your favorite verses. Talk to him regularly. This time of year we get pulled in a lot of directions, stay centered. Keep that connection strong.
  • Be kind to yourself by doing the things you love. Forgive yourself for not being perfect. Have fun!
  • Remember the girl that constantly razzed you in third grade? Forgive her. Let it go. For real! Time to move on.
  • Smile at strangers, in fact, smile all the time. Even if you have to fake it. Especially if you have to fake it!
  • Talk to your neighbors. Make them a small plate of cookies for no reason. Ask if they need help raking their leaves.
  • Offer to babysit for FREE for your parents. They will love that! No baby sibs? Offer your services to that single mom down the street who can use some time away.
  • Or take those babysitting proceeds and give them to a local shelter of your choice.
  • Do something big- you’ve got some time away from school during the holidays, volunteer? Start thinking about it now. Planning will get you psyched.

Get creative with all of this! It will change you and change your life, I promise.

There are so many ways, big and small, that we can make a difference. Have fun and soon you will see, that this is the only way to live.


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