Nothing But Gratitude

Wow! I have experienced a lot of twists and turns in my ten plus years as a freelance sports writer.

I’ve shed tears, lost sleep, and given up a certain amount of financial, emotional and mental security. I have contemplated careers in other fields.

I’ve had way more rejections/failures than I can even count.

But at this very moment, I can say for certain that it has all been worth it.

My first official book is out. I am an author. I anticipated that G3 would be my first. But things don’t always go as planned and this past summer, I had an opportunity to sign on as independent contractor for an editorial company that writes middle school sports books.

SCORE . . . GO ME!

Literally, my first rodeo, was writing about the rodeo. The only sport that I know next to nothing about.

Oh but I learned. This project presented me with many a learning curve. And I couldn’t be more proud. Happy. Excited.

One thing I know for sure is that I can clearly see and feel God’s hands in all of this. Every step, every tear. Every twist, every turn. I don’t get credit for persevering.

That was God. God has had this plan for me all along.

When I couldn’t see a way, He was clearing my windy path. Lining the right people up. Teaching me. He didn’t send me what I wanted, He sent me exactly what I needed.

So I’m right where I belong. Blessed. I feel so very blessed. So grateful. I hold this feeling of love and gratitude for as long as possible.

This is only the beginning.


I wrote my first book in the summer of eighth grade, it was a love story. I wrote it on one of my dad’s yellow legal pads. In cursive. I still have it.

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