Winter Olympics (so far)

The Winter Olympics have been so much fun to watch. Trouble is, I’ve been super busy and have done most of my watching via the On Demand Olympics channel on television. How much do I dig that?

A whole lot…

  • Thank you, Chloe Kim for being such a rock star. You have nailed every aspect of your sport and at the tender age of 17, you know how to be awesome and humble while the world embraces you…
  • Thank you, Kelly Clark. You have built an excellent foundation for women’s snowboarding. And you are leaving on your own terms and with such grace and style. Glad to see you and Chloe have such a wonderful friendship going!
  • I missed the Opening Ceremonies entirely but have read mixed reviews. I am all about that pomp and circumstance, usually.  I love watching the parade of athletes as they march in and get that much closer to chasing their dreams.
  • Shawn White had me in tears with his win. So, so cool. Very happy for this superhuman. Practically perfect in his latest gold medal win.
  • Once again, I have fallen in love with curling. To watch it, I feel as though I could be an Olympic curler. Haha… now, that is a good one.
  • Mikaela Shiffrin can’t win everything. Not even her signature slalom event. However, she was still able to collect gold. Keep on pushing and inspiring us all, Mikaela. We appreciate you.
  • Still up: my fave bobsledder Elana Meyers-Taylor and skeleton racer, Katie Uhlaender have yet to compete. I cannot wait!

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