Teeing It Up for Me!

Another “OMG” moment for me last Wednesday. I love when they happen. (OMG, for those that may not know what I mean, stands for Oh my God obviously) but really means that God intervened on my behalf to help make things happen. He put the path in front of me and made the unexpected, truly miraculous.

Case in point: Last Monday (April 30), I happened upon a local ad on Facebook for the Harford County Senior Expo taking place on May 10 and May 11. I sent the event planner a note inquiring if it was too late to get a table for my Young Living Essential Oils.

Almost as quick as I sent it, I forgot about it and made a note for next year in my planner.

Fast forward to Wednesday, I am heading to Michigan for a Christian editing conference. I get a call from the expo planner and he tells me someone had to back out last minute, would I still be interested in getting a table? He needed to know by end of day.

It was a no-brainer!

I had an amazing time because A) I just gel with seniors. B) I love meeting new people and making connections. C) And most important, my heart has been seared with a genuine passion for sharing these oils and I believe I can help people live happier and healthier lives with them. How do I know?

I’m living proof. Since the end of November, when I started using Young Living (I had used others for years before), the seeds were planted. God put these in my path for a reason and opened my heart up to them for sure. My enthusiasm is real and cannot be contained.

In this OMG moment, there is absolutely no way I could have orchestrated this for myself so late in the game. Him lining all this up for me, is a perfect example, of how God’s plan works for our best and greatest good for all.

I am so, so blessed and reveling in the joy! Thank you, God.

Now, how may I serve?

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