As Women…

First the rant:

As women…We are caught up in outward appearances that deplete our energy and literally suck away all the goodness that truly matters: Like being kind and compassionate. Having faith and hope. Teaching our daughters how to respect and accept one another.

We are so lost in our flaws that we remain clouded in judgement of ourselves and others. We stomp over God’s gifts for worldly crap that, in the end, just doesn’t make a difference. We ruminate on who we appear to be rather than WHOSE we are.

Now the prayer…

Jesus, please bestow on each of us the REAL that you have given us. Show us mercy that we may learn for ourselves how to love- truly love- our own unique self. While this body is only temporary, please grace us with your presence and show us how and who you want us to be. Give us the strength and fortitude to overcome, as you have, Jesus.

Help us honor your love, Jesus, and do what is best for ourselves and all involved. Provide us with the patience and joy to persevere on your path of righteousness so that we may flourish in love and delight in our joys.

Guide us to forgive in all that we have done wrong, perceived or not. Show us that your forgiveness is our greatest gift and we are all worthy. Help us guide those who need it with open hearts and peaceful minds.

Protect us in our pursuit of love and help us burn away these matters that singe us in our soul.

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