What Are the Chances?

Last weekend, I was working at a pet festival, introducing the Animal Scents line of Young Living Essential Oils to pet owners in and around the area.

Since I’m new to working this type of event, I have noticed I find it hilarious how people choose to respond to vendors (or rather, not respond to vendors).

I don’t know why, but it’s funny to me to see people avoid you like the plague, even if they have not a single clue of what you might be repping. Their avoidance of eye contact makes me want to stalk them when they walk by, and so I make it a point to start conversations.

I think I get that from my father.

So one time I got an interested party reciprocating in some random conversation, which was especially fun to have, because, I thought, it was really only about the Ravens and Steelers football rivalry.

Here’s what happened:

A husband and wife begin to walk past my table, keeping the respectable 10-foot distance between them and me, universal code for no, we are not interested in what you are peddling.

I say hello. I mention something quick and meaningless conversation as they move forward.

I notice the gentleman has a Steelers tat on his arm and I say joking, I won’t hold that tattoo against you! (But then I remembered we recently relinquished our season tickets- ending our NFL era. And I think what do I care anymore?)

I go beyond the table and approach the cute couple to say just that: Actually- we just dropped our PSLs (personal seat license) so it doesn’t even matter anymore. We have rediscovered  Sunday! I bellow.

We just recently moved on the water and it’s been so much fun to have that extra day of the week.

The young lady asks, oh do you live on Rumsey Island? (Joppatowne is small and this is where we are at). Yes.

We keep talking, I think at that point, we might have still been on football.

Eventually she says, my Mom used to live on Rumsey Island.

Oh really?

She just sold her place like a year and a half ago.

Hmmm. Interesting. That’s around when we bought. My heart does a bit of a flip. Could it be?

No. Way.

Could it be…I blurt out the name of our street. She smiles and I ask her Mom’s name again. Cathy.

OMG we bought your Mom’s house!

Yes, it was the previous owners daughter, front and center! Can you believe it? I immediately reeled her in for a big hug when I realized my dream home is the house she grew up in. I think I must’ve hugged her a handful more times because since buying, I’ve been dying to know Cathy.

I even invited her to our house-warming party, sincerely hoping to see her. No such luck. I had heard she was ill and had to put the house on the market rather suddenly. I asked how she was. She is doing much better and living with her other daughter locally. It was a tough move for her and she recently drove past, her sweet daughter said, and was still missing her house.

Aw! Cathy.

When me and Neil were looking at this house we just KNEW. There was something about this home that screamed of love and happy and memories and family. I could feel it! It was like a whole other deeper level of joy that we would experience.

This house has opened us in so many ways.

I credit Cathy for laying a wonderful foundation. Her heart and family grew here and she gave it to us and we are making the most of it. I honor her and always will.

I was in awe for practically the entire day, running into this couple like that. What are the chances?

Really. What are the chances?!

Life is simply amazing. When we are open to God’s little whispers and nudges, things like this happen on the regular. . . and that, my friends, is what I imagine heaven is like!



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