Conversations with MJ

This was my first ever podcast (that was also videoed).

Huge shoutout to Jill for helping get me through this- my first ever video podcast. And to be quite honest, this was only the second time I’d ever been interviewed.

Always the interviewer, not the interviewee.

My sister-in-law, Tommie asked me how I got through with a camera on me? I do not know. I couldn’t even move. I was clenched the entire time but managed to get most of my message out.

It certainly helped that I had Jill on the other side of the mic. She is not only a consummate professional, but she’s also a confidante and someone who I have dubbed as one of my (medical cannabis) sensei’s. Jill is a trail-blazer and what I deem a true influencer: selfless, resolute, and fully heart-centered. She’s not afraid of a fight and advocates for so many who have been marginalized.

The work she is doing and has done for the Maryland Medical cannabis community has been awesome to witness. But she doesn’t stop there. No. She runs a nonprofit helping to feed the homeless. She is a badass and rockstar and spiritual warrior. She’s the best editor-in-chief I’ve had the pleasure to work with. I admire her and thank her for helping me grow.

I hope you will take some time to watch this video and subscribe to Conversations with MJ. This team is doing amazing things! Don’t forget to like the video as well and give them a follow @jillmaryjanemag.

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