My name is Molly Lauryssens. I am an award-winning sports reporter and freelance writer and editor. This site is a part of my upcoming book, which will also be a series: God, Girls, Games. G3 for short. I am represented by literary agent DJ Snell of Legacy Management based in Florida.

G3 will feature twelve female contemporary Christian athletes in various sports. While the primary reader is 9-13 year old female athletes, I’m hoping the content will reach far beyond that demographic.

Because, let’s face it, “games” can really be considered a metaphor for life. One athlete’s career-ending injury is another person’s failing grade or someone else’s lost job or, even worse, the loss of a pet or a loved one.

No question, we all face adversity and heartbreak in life. It’s how we respond that matters.

And sometimes, that is where sports comes in. But more than that, I, like so many of you, am intrigued with athletes. We love watching and cheering for them.

How do they do it?

We marvel at how they seem to only get better, stronger, faster. We wonder how they handle all of the pressure to score that winning goal or block that final shot.

What was running through their mind?

We dig hearing about the triumphs and tribulations in their world. It gives us hope. A way to escape while also connecting us. Not to mention, sports are a perfect platform for the adrenaline junkies of the world who may or may not own a pair of cleats.

So what’s my point? G3 is about exploring the life and faith of the female athlete. My intent is to inspire and empower young girls (and women) of faith.

As a sports enthusiast (without cleats but packing a paintball gun), I’d like to see more girls enjoy the physical and mental benefits that sport has to offer throughout their entire lives, not just until they reach puberty. As a Christian, I’d like to see more girls honor God’s love. I imagine a world where loving God is actually cool!

The featured athletes in G3 won’t be shy and will show us their way…


So that’s me with my sweet granddaughter, Ellie, at her Baptism in November, 2015. This site, and G3 is dedicated, in part, to her. At just 9-months old she has brought so much love into this world and to my family. My wish for her is that she find joy in sport and life, and all the while, God will be guiding her game.

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  1. Molly this is awesome. Who would of thought we would get to embrace each others accomplishments over 30 years of our life! But what about the boys? lol. I’ll be buying a copy anyway for sure! Congrats my dear friend

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