Andy Eisner

“I first met Molly by chance at a Baltimore Ravens game with my son Josh. She came across as very friendly and outgoing, While I didn’t know at the time she was a writer, she quickly gained my trust and before I knew it she had half of my life history before the end of the first quarter! We talked about many topics like sports and health, however it was when I talked of my son Cody (an aspiring boxer) did our conversation become more detailed.

Molly took the lead and started a column on Cody and visited him during his training and ringside at his fights for the better part of 2 years. She wrote very detailed, educational and entertaining articles about Cody as he fought through the amateur ranks, Jr. Olympics, into his first and last professional bout until his enlistment in the US Armed Forces. I highly recommend Molly for every aspect of writing, reporting and blogging. She possesses an in depth knowledge on a lot of topics and offers any potential employer a wealth of experience and professionalism.

-Andy Eisner