Working with Molly is pure delight. She’s a strong team player who responds quickly to every assignment. She offers great insight and perspective and we share common goals of having quality pieces written that are representative of the theme of the magazine. She knows exactly what our readership is looking for and how to develop that story! Our clientele loves working with her and so do I!

-Rachael Acevedo, Publisher, Chesapeake Real Producers

Molly Lauryssens knows how to take her work seriously and have fun with it at the same time. She is tireless in her research and interviewing skills, and writes engaging content for a wide array of audiences. She specializes in sports coverage, but her best kept secret is that she’s particularly tuned in to issues related around boosting healthy body images. I’m always impressed with her level of professionalism but, more than that, forever moved by the heart and soul she puts into her writing.

-Kelly White, Managing Editor of Girl World Daily; Author and Freelance Editor

Molly, this is what’s so amazing about you, not just as a writer/reporter, as a person as well. You immerse yourself in what you do, who you’re with, your passion, your story. You go deeper than anyone, you take shots others wouldn’t and you never take the bench -even when you’re exhausted. So glad you took that job at the local paper!

-Alisia Krastel, former editor (The Aegis and Baltimore Sun) and colleague (Zone magazine), in response to this article; Realtor at Keller Williams Gateway

I first met Molly by chance at a Baltimore Ravens game with my son, Josh. She came across as very friendly and outgoing. While I didn’t know at the time she was a writer, she quickly gained my trust and before I knew it, she had half of my life history before the end of the first quarter! We talked about many topics like sports and health, however, it was when I talked of my son Cody (an aspiring boxer) did our conversation become more detailed.

Molly took the lead and started a column on Cody and visited him during his training and ringside at his fights for the better part of two years. She wrote very detailed, educational and entertaining articles about Cody as he fought through the amateur ranks, Jr. Olympics, into his first and last professional bout until his enlistment in the U.S. Armed Forces. I highly recommend Molly for every aspect of writing, reporting and blogging. She possesses an in-depth knowledge on a lot of topics and offers any potential employer a wealth of experience and professionalism.”

-Andy Eisner, Regional Sales Manager/New Business Development at National Coatings Corporation

Molly has a great feel for a good story and knows how to manage the process – from the first contact to interviewing to writing and editing – she is a pro. Very easygoing personality who connects easily with people.

-Kelly Patrick, Photographer at the Zone magazine; Capital Projects and Interior Design

I have worked with Molly for years in a voluntary capacity for our local recreation council. Molly has always done 110% in whatever position she held at various times. She dedicates many countless hours for the benefit of the kids, even when she was changing career paths and attending school…she always found the time.

Now I am happy to be her accountant and she takes on her freelance writing career. I love reading all her articles and blogs. She is so passionate and down to earth…a unique set of qualities in the media today.

-Cathy Bott, Principal at Bott Tax and Accounting

Molly and I were both undergraduate students at the University of Baltimore (UB) and we served together as officers in the UB Marketing Club. Molly served in various leadership roles in the club, mostly as president. She provided outstanding leadership and displayed commitment and dedication in her service to the university community. Molly was and still is an excellent role model and I especially admire her public speaking abilities and fearlessness in taking on new challenges.

-Marianne Gold, Realtor and Office Manager,  The Leslie Kopp Group and Long and Foster Real Estate